Wander Exhibition ︎ Print Manager

Queensland University of Technology’s 2018
Interactive and Visual Design Graduation Exhibition


As the print team manager for the graduation exhibition, my role included
︎ designing printed media for the exhibition
︎ manage the budget decisions and payments
︎ contact companies regarding sponsorships
︎ organise production or branded material
︎ collate print files from various teams
︎ problem solve and correct major print job errors from suppliers

Replica ︎ Replica Designer

Winner of:
︎ People’s Choice Award for Interactive and Visual Design
︎ Alumni Award

is an embodied interaction artwork that explores re-purposing analog practices and ideas and integrating them with modern technology, utilising an ideology of going back to the basics and using a simple, no-fuss approach to create an innovative artwork. 

The installation aims to create conversation between users, delivering an embodied interaction space that simply creates an enjoyable visual and immersive experience for users through play. Inspiration is taken from the mechanical function of flip disc displays on old buses and the punch card data reading technology made popular by IBM, creating an artwork that bridges the gap between modern and analog.

35mm Film

Exploring analog practises in a digital field